Mini Movers (18mo-5yrs)

Aeon’s Mini-Mover program is designed for toddlers and children 18 months to 5 years old. While learning basic gymnastics/fitness concepts, our kid friendly and colorful environment will incorporate movement to entertaining and instructional music. Classes are instructed for motor development, creativity, confidence, and self discovery. Aeon’s friendly facility is equipped with a variety of possibilities for endless smiles.

Please use the SCHEDULING tab from above to view the days, times, and pricing of the class.

Parent and Me

Aeon’s Parent and Me classes are offered for girls and boys ages 18 months – 3 years old. Accompanied by an adult, these toddles explore our obstacle course which includes the trampoline, swinging apparatus, tunnels, balance beams, rolling mats, and much more. Our fun and welcoming introduction always includes a warm up with the parachute or activities like “cleaning up the messy neighbor’s yard!” Parents will be active in assisting their Mini-Mover throughout all class activities. This once a week, 45 minute engaging class, is offered during our 10 week sessions. Parents, come be a part of your child’s smile as they develop coordination, balance, and gain confidence! See our schedule for pricing, time options, and details.

Tiny Tigers

Look out for Aeon’s Tiny Tigers! These 3-5 year old boys and girls make their way through Aeon’s challenging obstacle courses which are designed to enhance motor ability, balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination. This 45 minute class is a modified version of our beginner gymnastics classes which includes basic skill building, games, jumping on trampolines, and using balancing and swinging apparatus’. Our classes provide a ratio of six students to one instructor and meet once a week during our ten week session. See our schedule for pricing, time options, and details.

Mild Special Needs Mini’s

Accompanied by an adult, students ages 3-5 with mild disabilities will be involved in similar activities to our beginner gymnastics classes. In order to maximize safety and engagement, no other classes will be using the facility during these 45 minute scheduled classes. Motor ability and body awareness will be enhanced through a modified use of our gymnastics equipment. Students will learn basic skills, gain confidence, and have a positive experience. See our schedule for pricing, time options, and details.

Creative Movement Ballet

In our fitness/dance studio, 3-4 year olds learn the basics of ballet. With an experienced dance instructor, these young children develop creative movements while learning the first steps in basic dance instruction. Equip with ballet bars, proper flooring and equipment, wall to wall mirrors, and sounds systems, this class is cute to watch and lots of fun for the ballerina to be! The creative movement ballet experience helps in enhancing individual body awareness, balance, coordination, and movement creativity.

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