Policies / Procedures / Guidelines

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General Policies

Registration Policy:

Registration must be completed before the first scheduled class. Registration includes payment, fees, general questionnaire, emergency contact information, medical history, and consent to policies and procedures. Registration payments can be placed over the phone by credit card or by cash or check at the front desk. Customers will not be accepted into a class until an in-person registration is completed.

Registration Fee:

Each student is required to pay an annual registration fee of $25. These fees are non-refundable.

Pro-rate Policy:

If a customer chooses to join a class after the official start date, tuition will be pro-rated. The price for each program can be broken down to a rate per class. The rate of each class that is missed will be subtracted from the total amount for the required payment.

Refund Policy:

Aeon Fitness and Gymnastics does not offer any refunds. CREDITS ONLY

Missed Class Policy:

Students may register for one make-up class per session if their scheduled class is missed. No refunds or credits are given for missed classes. All make-ups must be rescheduled within their registered session.

Please see our schedule for closing dates due to holidays which are an exception to this policy.

Inclement Weather Policy:

In the case of inclement weather, Aeon Fitness and Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel any scheduled class. Safety of our students is our top priority. Only one additional make-up will be available for those who have had their class/classes canceled by Aeon.

Instructor Policy:

Parents may request a specific instructor for their child’s class but there are no guarantees. Please note that instructors, class size, and ages of students in class are always subject to change. All administrative questions and specific comments/concerns about class must be directed to a manager.

Class Size Policy:

Class size varies from 3 students to 10 students per instructor. If less than 3 students are register for any given class, Aeon Fitness and Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel, combine, and/or reschedule students into another class.

Procedures and Guidelines

Entrance Procedure:

Students should arrive prepared for class five to ten minutes prior to start time. Parents are responsible for their children in the lobby area until an instructor invites students into the gym and takes charge of the class. When students enter the gym, they will place belongings in a cubby and report to a specific warm-up area.

Exit Procedure:

Students should be picked up promptly after class. Students must wait in the lobby, not outside of the facility or in the gym area. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform Aeon Fitness and Gymnastics of any alternative pick-up arrangement.

Dress Code:

Comfortable shorts and shirts are required for class. Leotards are recommended for all gymnastics classes. All clothing must be properly fitted for safety purposes. Hair must be secured up and out of face. Bare feet are recommended. Sneakers are not permitted in the gym area except for personal training and Fitness Fever studio classes.


Parents/guardians are required to remain in the lobby area at all times while in the facility. If entrance to gym area is requested by a staff member, the parent must remove shoes prior to entry. Parents/guardians must seek staff member if they need the attention of their child during class time.

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